To find choicest soulmate is a big problem, Why so

13 November 2017 09:24

1. Many boys and girls through friend’s relationship:

  • have lost charm of marriage
  • have made aspirants skeptical about finding choicest soulmate
  • being ditched by one or many in his or her friendship relations
  • Parents blockage and disapprovals
  • Caste and religion hurdles
  • Sun-lines/janampatri matching thwarts marriage relationship as the aspira .....Read more


07 November 2017 08:54

Even if the final choice is left to the children, still it is essential for the parents to find time and make all inquiries to dissipate their doubts and reservations, by all means available. Finding time even at the cost of work is very important to avoid repentance afterward. Such a role of the parents is essential as a guide to making a final decision by their child but CARE needs to be taken:

  1. not to influence the views of the .....Read more


07 November 2017 08:45

1. Many boys and girls through FRIENDS RELATIONSHIP:

       - have lost charm of marriage

       - have made aspirants skeptical about finding choicest soulmate

       - being ditched by one or many in his or her friendship relatio .....Read more

Why it is so, one is sometime attracted by glimpse, emotions, imagination and cares For none except

18 October 2017 08:03

 LOVE IS BLIND - It is said so. What a charismatic attraction whereby one does not care for the family nor even for himself, remains always submerged in thoughts, images, recalls and awaits to hear, have a glimpse, hoping that one day his love and sacrifices will turn into reality I have said himself and not herself as it is rare that a girl overtly expresses her love or makes advances whil .....Read more

Is Love Stronger Or the Hatred?

27 March 2017 06:54

Generally one will say, love is stronger than hatred as when one is ready to make all sacrifices even one is ready to die but not ever for hatred. Hence Love is taken and accepted stronger than hatred.
But i do not think so and feel that hared is stronger than Love, why so?
Love takes time to develop which happens because of:
       1. Contact
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Comparison of qualities of man and woman

21 March 2017 05:51

Comparison of qualities of man and woman as also weaknesses of man and woman and how to make both compatible to avoid conflicts and turn couple life a happier one.

Man’s qualities:
     - Patient
     - Calculative
     - Reflective
     - Disciplined
     - Team builder
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Should love be kept secret or open at public places?

14 March 2017 06:36

I would say it should be in secret and privy to individuals as otherwise it will influence the children to get distracted and the time which is meant for studies and hard work will get wasted resulting in sufferance for the future. However, it is not so at present. Young generation is moving towards more and more freedom in all manners and in all walks of life. Movies, theatres, travel to different developed countries in particular in France, the .....Read more

Is it essential to have friends when one has relations?

06 March 2017 09:09

They happen to be blood relations in one form or the other – nearest as brothers, sisters, parents while far off are like cousins, nephews, etc. extended to their families, brothers and sisters families and their wives families etc.
While friends develop through contacts:
1. in schools
2. in work place
3. in common activity
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Life is for love, happiness, success, family and be remembered by family, relations, friends, nation

13 February 2017 06:48

Regrettable we find conflicts in: (i)   Couples (ii)  Families (iii) Neighborhood (iv)  Work places (v)   Ideas/ideology (vi)  Beliefs Peace is the motto, which consists of: (i) Understanding  (ii)Frank communication  (iv)Honesty   (v)Sharing and caring   (vi)Divergence of opinion, but with no vengeance or ego    (vii)Fidelity    (viii)Reciprocal sex satisfaction     (ix) .....Read more

Love Marriage : How to Persuade Parents

01 February 2017 08:28

Parents always insist on their choice and advance as such many palatable arguments about their choice. It is always their keen desire to get their children married before it is too late and also when they are in service so that they are able to enjoy the participation and gathering of their contacts and prominence. It is the keen desire of each and every parent to execute these responsibilities as early as possible especially when they are compar .....Read more

What a Resembling Comparison between Rose Flower and the Wife

27 January 2017 12:15

- Precious is rose flower,Precious is the wife. - Rose is colorful,Wife is incomparable  - Scent of rose spreads all around,Wife’s fragrance spreads happiness in house and all around. - rose pauses at night in order to be in full bloom and charm in morning next,wife pauses at night, goes   to sleep when all are gone to bed and wakes up earliest of all to emit love to everyone. - Rose does not wish anyone to pluck it,wife does .....Read more

What Types Of Problems a Girl Faces Before Marriage and After

20 January 2017 09:37

Before marriage ceremonies:
1. Fear and uncertainties about the boy and his family.
2. Awful scenes of how to leave her family where she has been brought up and loved so far.
3. How will it be possible to break away from her friends, relations and colleagues who had been her life in play, jokes, enjoyments, l .....Read more

Is Marriage A Gamble, Destiny, Acceptance Of Each Other And Adjustments Or Conflicts?

17 January 2017 12:28

1. DESTINY is predominant with old - guards, religious sects, illiterates and downtrodden and have-nots.  The more men and women are getting literate, are getting influenced by social media etc. destiny with these literates, working class and those who keep conscious and aware as to how and in what direction the world is moving etc., they hardly believe in destiny. Choice remains their top priority while des .....Read more

Marriage Is A Problem – Not At All

06 January 2017 08:34

Just try it once. The founder of Marriage Guidance New Concept is a man of experience, vision, full of love and dedication to help the mankind, wonderful and astonishingly, at NO COST. He is a recipe, solace and guide for those in despair, gives solution to almost all problems, is philosophical articulates his experience and vision in writings, discussions and dialogue. He is missionar .....Read more

Woman is Hesitant and Choosy Now and Man Needs to Adapt his Attitude Behaviour

29 December 2016 11:18

Time Has Changed
What a wonder; now the girls have become hesitant and choosy
-    Question Arises: What the boys are supposed to do now in changed circumstances;
-    God has made two opposite genders to attract and love each other.
-    God has created man and woman also  to live together in peace and harmony, then wh .....Read more

Formate for Selection Of a Partner

29 December 2016 07:44

This format has been devised to facilitate the marriage intending spouses. The key points in the format are to jot down about:
  • One's personality
  • Habits
  • Successes
  • Weaknesses
  • Desires
  • Priorities these into changeable and impossible to change
  • In impossible likely to change, mark which could change if the Spouse is found a loving and caring one.
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