This marriage bureau is not like others. It is different in concept, action, service and mission. NEW CONCEPT words as these denote is a new though. It comprises of:

  • to devise biodaa form insuch a manner that one can glance through various biodatas In few minuess.
  • compare these with his/her biodata along the match list.
  • all correspondence is through the normal mail id given by the aspirant himself or herself and is thus saved from hassles of going into the programme.
  • founder is always available all the time to attend to inquiries and complaints.
  • all inquiries and complaints are attended on same day.
  • match list is send in 2 or maximum in 3 days after registration.
  • however, before sending match list, it is analysed fully and only those matches which meet the desires 90 to 100% are sent..
  • Soon the portal will be installed and the clients will be able to see the matches in their mail inbox.
MISSION englobes the spirit of selfless service to all the clients irrespective whether they are poor or rich, without any difference of caste, creed, gender nor of religion. After both the families approve of their respective choice, they are called to the Marriage Guidance New Concept office wherein contact between both the parties is established as also between boy and girl to meet and discuss GUIDANCE word has been invoked to guide the intending spouses as to how to own responsibilities of this new venture and how to embark on HOW TO LEAD A HAPPY MARRIED LIFE. The guidance consist of and explains on:
  • divergence of desires are discussed, answered and sorted out.
  • two bodies in one soul – its meaning and implications are fully explained
  • complement each other
  • encourage communication and explanation rather than to avoid or postpone it
  • believe and practice that man is president while woman is vice-president for society and In social circles outside while woman is the president is the present at home while man has to act as vice-president
  • accept qualities of each other and nurse them to be compatible.
  • remain fidel, loyal and honest in commitment and action and so on.
  • parents are engaged to change their attitudes and leave their children to take decisions by themselves and enjoy their life as they like..
Hence this Marriage Guidance New Concept offices :
  • provide matches,
  • establish contacts
  • render selfless and cost free services as a mission in the swiftest manner to each and every one..
I thererfore request the audience and well wishers to contribute biodatas as many as possible as the maximum the data, the quicker and satisfactory matches we will be able to offer to the aspirants. At the same time, I shall also request the RWA, sansthas and various organisations to join us in popularizing this by meets of questions and answers. organizing functions etc. that that the parents are relieved and the society is saved from the onslaught of present thinking and environments.