progress what does it mean, 11th lesson

12 July 2019 09:06

PROGRESS WHAT DOES IT MEAN; 11th lesson; The greater one expands his horizon, the more knowledge one acquires, more ambitious one becomes and learns to work hard, compete and to excel others of acquaintance as also the ones imagined. ALAS everyone can't increase his/her horizon which depends on one's means to travel, see the world around, do sight seeing and meet people with different cultures, their mode of life etc. If one can't travel one can read, meet people of one's choice, get associated with associations of one's liking which shall help one to increase one's knowledge, build up ambitions and to work for that. Once the goal is achieved in one's small horizon, one, if one keeps up one's ambition, shall surely find one's ways and means to travel, see the world and people all over wheresoever one opts to go. HENCE TO EXPAND HORIZON IS ESSENTIAL NOT ONLY TO INCREASE ONE.S KNOWLEDGE BUT ALSO IT ENSURES WILL TO PROGRESS .