24 September 2019 12:34

WOMAN IS A TREASURE OF GIFTS, CALLED GOD GIVEN GIFTS. she is all love, takes care of the man she marries, from love to care for his well being, gets to temples to pray for his good health and progress provides him all comforts from what he prefers to eat and what he enjoys the most, in stress manages to listen discuss and suggest answers, cools him and persuades him to take to right course of action, turns out to be adviser and well wisher all the time and every moment, takes care of the house, upbringing of the children, and ensures that her husband is well dressed and is respected by all, irrespective of how and what he is, she is good listener and does all to keep her husband in happy mood, she is ready to do all even at the cost of her health and convenience, THEN WHAT IN RETURN THE WIFE EXPECTS FROM THE HUSBAND. NOT MUCH, appreciation, honesty, loyalty, to be one is all decisions for the progress and uplift of the family. My advice: LET THE HUSBAND UNDERSTAND THE QUALITIES OF HIS WIFE AND DO THIS BIT WHAT SHE CRAVES FOR WHICH IS NOT FOR HER BENEFIT ALONE BUT FOR HIM AND THE FAMILY. PL TAKE A VOW AND BUILD UP YOUR MARRIAGE A HAPPY AND ENJOYABLE FAMILY. tks