16 October 2019 06:09

WHY PEOPLE GET STRESSED, reasons in general being 1. fear about result 2. getting late 3. circumstances/events unveiling unexpected 4. work burden or inability to do the work and/or finish the work in time 5. coming across someone who is hated 6. loss of all sorts 7. family feuds 8. children not caring and/or not giving due respect 9. wife in anger all the time 10. strained relations between in-laws and his/her own family and with him/her 10. expectations not getting fulfilled 11. responsibilities are halting progress 11. bad health, inborn and/or developed handicaps 12. debts 13. fall off in love and/or in friendship etc. etc. There are so many other reasons, no need to narrate all. MAIN CAUSES LIE WITH THE PERSON CONCERNED that he/she is not conscious as to what good stress will bring to him/her instead of thinking and be determined to find an answer. POSITIVITY AND ACTION WILL WEED AWAY STRESS as one will feel and think that I AM THE MASTER OF SOLUTIONS, stress, strain and problems are part of life, these come and pass off. Some believe that problems will pass off sooner or later and in many cases it happens so and/or get worsened, hence those who reflect and put all their energies towards finding solution the quickest possible, get less stressed. ALSO IN MANY CASES IT NEEDS ADJUSTMENT, ACCEPTANCE AND BRINGING CHANGE INTO ONE'S MANNERS AND BEHAVIOUR etc.etc. STRESS IS MAN CREATED AND SOLUTION AS SUCH LIES WITH THE MAN HIMSELF, THE ONLY REQUIREMENT IS ONE'S WILLINGNESS AND DETERMINATION NEVER TO HAVE STRESS AND AS SUCH NOT TO SPOIL ONE'S HEALTH AND IN MANY CASES NO TO EMBITTER RELATIONSHIP AS WELL. TKS