24 May 2021 03:22

OLD PERSONS ESPECIALLY THE SERVICE AND MIDDLE CLASS ONES SEEM TO BE PUZZLED WHETHER TO LEAVE THEIR ASSETS TO THEIR CHILDREN OR NOT, IF NOT WITH WHOM AND FOR WHOM TO LEAVE, WHY SO BECAUSE OF THE FACT THAT SINCE THEY SENT THEIR CHILDREN TO FOREIGN, THEY ARE ALMOST LIVING ALONE, GETTING AGED, NONE TO TAKE CARE OF AND MOST IMPORTANT FEEL INSECURE, MORESO WHEN ONE OF THE COUPLES HEAVES HIS/HER LAST. I am not what is the real answer, but what I can visualise, I would like share thoughts with my friends and the public at large in the facebook and elsewhere. WHY THIS THOUGHT WHOM TO GIVE THEIR ASSETS ARISES. (1) for a long period they either did not have the means, maybe never were called for,maybe bad experience of their visits and meets with the children and their families, maybe seldom visits of the children and their families more or less like the tourist one, listening them more critical of India than appreciation (2) maybe children have been supporting the old parents monetarily but at this age for the old parents, as they feel, money is supportive of course, but is nothing to how they should take of themselves, who should take them to hospitals if need be, who is there to talk to and take care of them, besides who is there to ensure them safety and security especially in the vulnerable environments as these are at present and are read about daily that old men are being targeted to steal what they have and to kill them. IN SHORT THIS INSECURITY, NONE AT HAND TO TAKE CARE OF THEM, TIME GAP OF LIVING SEPARATELY FROM THEIR CHILDREN ARE THE ESSENTIAL FACTORS WHICH BOTHER THE OLD MEN TO DECIDE HOW AND WHOM TO GIVE THEIR ASSETS OR LEAVE FOR IN REGRETS AND INDECISIVENESS, MOST PATHETIC OF ALL, IF KILLED, WHERE THEIR HARD EARNED MONEY AND ASSETS SHALL GO. FURTHER IT IS GENERALLY OBSERVED THAT EACH ONE IS BUSY TO ONESELF IN THE COMPETITIVE WORLD, EXCEPT EMOTIONAL LOVE, NOTHING ELSE REMAINS AS BONDAGE OF THE CHILDREN TO BE WITH, AND/OR NEAR THEM TO TAKE CARE IN THEIR OLD AGE AND DETERIORATING PHYSICAL AND MENTAL CAPACITIES. I have cited these instances as observations and shall be attempting at possible answers/solutions in my next writing, maybe tomorrow. I shall be glad to have views of all my friends especially their ideas about the solutions. tks 24-5-21 HOW TO 24-5-21 HOW TO SETTLE ASSETS WHEN ONE GETS OLD ESPECIALLY THOSE ONES WHO HAVE THEIR CHILDREN ABROAD AND ARE SETTLED IN FOREIGN WITH THEIR FAMILIES. answers. (1) I think the first and foremost important is to realise and accept that as parents we wanted for the better of our children and have done all sacrifices for them and that is why we sent them to foreign for studies, jobs etc. and as such we have done the best what we could do for them (2) in the present world, circumstances are changing, life is becoming more and more difficult to find and/or retain a job and so is happening in the family life, where stress is more than one feels the happiness, in general, the parents must accept their children's limitation and make all efforts to KEEP GOOD RELATIONS rather than getting averse or anti them. Parents must realise that they are their children, whatsoever and howsoever they are THEY ARE THEIR CHILDREN AND FINAL LOVE, hence it is they we have to keep up and maintain that relationship at all costs, with no back thinking, regrets or ill-will etc. (3) such old persons must realise that each one when gets adult, sets up his/her own family and gets involved with the responsibilities related thereto, the time of joint family is wading and is getting replaced by micro units, to enjoy freedom in their decisions by themselves alone, maybe with advice and suggestions some time, hence IF THEY ARE BY THEMSELVES AS HUSBAND AND WIFE, that is the circle of life which one needs to accept and face it gladly. rest of the points I am leaving for tomorrow. tks