Is it essential to have friends when one has relations?

27 November 2017 07:54

They happen to be blood relations in one form or the other – nearest as brothers, sisters, parents while far off are like cousins, nephews, etc. extended to their families, brothers and sisters families and their wives families etc.
While friends develop through contacts:
1. in schools
2. in work place
3. in common activity
4. in certain defined goals
5. in company of friends
6. in necessity
7. through social media
8. in common habits etc. etc.
9. in common views and beliefs
Some remain distant friends better than acquaintances, some get closer to meet time to time to warm up relations and avoid monotony while very few develop as real friends who have no self-interest and get closer and closer to meet quite often go for outing together and join each other without any formality and go to each other’s house with call and/or without. In one’s house with family possibly one may find himself/herself lonely be fearful of criticism, unwanted discussions etc. while in friend’s house and in his/her company, one feels free to discuss without any reservations and even if something unwanted happens, one doesn’t care for that and keeps friendship intact as a priority without any negative reflexion. In short, in friends’ term they are called “chums” they find themselves intimate, free, talk in any manner, in any language, cut all sorts of jokes and as such feel relieved and find themselves in peace of mind.
In contrast, in RELATIONS, some sort of reservation and fear continue, how much and to what extent depends on the age and interest one finds in the relationship. The younger one is, more closer and sincere one is as one notices amongst brothers, sisters etc. and when they grow  and set up their  own establishments and families, relationship and intimacy as one found in younger age, starts changing and many a time end up in criticism, conflicts and at times in fights and litigations.

Now emerge certain questions, should one cut off with relations because offer of conflits, because of competition, rivalries, conflicts with parents etc. of any sort, one must remember firstly that conflicts amongst brothers, sisters their families as also with their extended families could be avoided if one wishes so and if these happen for whatever reasons right or wrong, these need to be ignored as when one finds oneself in difficulty or falls ill etc or meets an accident, mostly someone in relations will come up as a secure as it is said blood is thicker than water, relationship does convince a relation or more to come and assist in those moments of crisis.