14 September 2021 10:24

IS IT ESSENTIAL THAT DAUGHTER-IN-LAW AND MOTHER-IN-LAW QUITE OFTEN ENGAGE IN WAR LIKE FIGHTS The reasons seem to be: (1) mother-in-law who had been taking care of his son from taking in lap to the stage of marriage, finds it very difficult and annoying that in a day, her beloved son is being taken away by her daughter-in-law (2) is the behaviour of daughter-in-law essential to take away her husband from his mother:(a) to a great extent it is correct as both boy and girl have got married to live their life together in all respects in thinking, mode of living, place of living,future of life etc and(b) the mother-in-law is supposed to abandon her supremacy and exclusive love for her son fully realising that she had been the instrument of the marriage of her son and for long had been craving for it (c) she should also understand that now his son is adult, he and his wife must be left alone to decide about their life as they want, and she shouldn't interfere at all except to give advice and help as and when needed, (d) moreso for her sake to understand that after having worked hard from bringing up her son from childhood to getting educated etc, now it is the time for her to live her old age with her husband and enjoy the old age relieved of the responsibility for her child(ren)etc. etc.. (3) as for daughter-in-law is concerned, I think, it is necessary for her to understand this natural behaviour of her mother-in-law as a background reason and instead should believe in cooling time and act accordingly, moreso also to take time to adjust herself with her husband in accommodating with each other in their attitudes, behaviour, thinking, communicating, socialising and embarking on the cherished goal of TWO BODIES IN ONE SOUL( they both thus will be free from brawls) THEY WILL BE ABLE TO UNDERSTAND AND ADJUST WITH EACH OTHER BETTER. ..... Hence fight of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is neither natural nor essential PROVIDED THINKING ON MODE OF LIFE IS UNDERSTOOD,TRANSFORMED AND CHANGED BOTH BY THE MOTHER-IN-LAW AND DAUGHTER-.IN-LAW INDIVIDUALLY AND COLLECTIVELY.. written by vasdevloond, founder, marriage guidance new concept.