20 January 2021 03:33

HUSBAND AND WIFE RELATIONSHIP -RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN HUSBAND AND WIFE IS NOT ONLY THE HARDEST BUT IS UNENDING AS WELL DESPITE GETTING TO OLD AGE. In the beginning soon after marriage or before in courtship, understanding, accommodation, sharing and adjustment become essential and as for man as husband is concerned, he keeps prior role socially, financially, to impose discipline and decision taking. Later on as the life advances, child or children are born, the role of wife gets to coordinating as equal partner in almost all affairs and when the old age sets in, wife assumes the predominant role in almost all kinds of matters, except in extremes, husband as man assumes the final role of correction and acceptance. -Thus those who understand this cycle of life as NATURAL AND ESSENTIAL, they do accept their life changes in all stages of life and manage to adjust in all and every situation, tend to live a better and happier life than otherwise. -Physical strength, financial power, also when wife essentially is to leave her house and is to live in her husband's house, all these situations tend to allow the husband to assume prior role and that of wife in acceptance. This power becomes more more powerful and reaches in extremes in the middle age of the husband and during this time, the wife starts assuming active role from the passive ones and when the husband as a man gets older, he looses his physical power, children get grown up and assume their liberty to own and/or manage what parents had earned etc. etc., the role of wife gets to more or less commanding one and turns the husband to acceptance and tolerance. HENCE PHYSICAL AND FINANCIAL POWER do count in evolution of relationship between husband and wife. -THEN COME IN THE CHILDREN who in general keep more healthy and cooperative relationship with their mother than their father. This attitude and behaviour, do help the wife to assume stronger role and determining relationship in old age. -old age also does dictate the husband to live in almost complete acceptance except at times to get agitated, as in old age husband practically for all purposes depends on wife from medical care to caring and manage the life for living and behaving etc. etc.. IN CONCLUSION, RELATIONSHP BETWEEN HUSBAND WIFE GROWS in understanding, acceptance of each other, and in allowing time to shaping and caring relationship, bringing it to more or less relationship of equality and at the end to yield to tolerance and acceptance. THIS IS CALLED LIFE AND THIS IS CALLED HUSBAND AND WIFE RELATIONSHIP, unfortunately those who do not understand this phenomenon and get derailed, loose the balance of relationship, they eventually unfortunately end up in arguments, conflicts and sooner or later get apart. -------------------------------- written by vasdevloond, founder of marriage guidance new concept, cost free marriage bureau NGO to contact vasdevloond 9811943867,