30 August 2020 11:41

DO ONE ACCEPT LIFE AS IT COMES ABOUT OR FIGHT IT OUT AND OVERPOWER IT. 1. Many believe and preach especially religious institutions that life should be accepted as it comes about to have PEACE in life and also plead that one is destined by one's karma and has to accept the decision of GOD. 2. I think and believe that it is passive way of thinking and not what we are meant for and are capable for. 3. One needs to be positive and fight with the situations to overcome the shocks and losses if any as otherwise one will live in sufferance all the time. 4. It is said that time is a big healer. True, but it can be worse also. Hence to postpone action, I think, is not only bad but also a guilt to leave the results in hope and chance. 5. Shocks can be of monetary loss, losing friends, relations etc. but I think the greatest shock is to lose one's nearest and dearest one(s). True, it is a big shock, at times uncontrollable and unbearable but the fact of life is that one needs to accept the reality and move on. 6. We as human beings have: - wisdom - observation - analysis - vision - curious to look for options and answers - to discern, conclude and decide - immense capacity to bear shocks, and to fight these out, conviction, motivation and success added to these. 7. CONCLUSION; Better to accept the realities and shocks,in the least time possible (2) accept that human loss is natural and is part of life, one who is born is to die some day (3) MUST LEARN AND BE PREPARED TO GEAR UP AND GET OVER THE SITUATION HOWSOEVER SHOCKING AND CRIMINAL IT MAY BE (4) believe and concentrate on ACTION based on the immense. unmatchable and superb qualities each one has.