20 April 2021 02:59

DEMOCARARY; earlier had written that it has become a farce where power politics, money, positions, influences, personal gain have overpowered to aspirations of the people expressed in public and/or through voting. As such I feel compelled to express as to what could be the answer and as such hereunder are my views: SUPREME COURT has been visioned and constituted as the final authority to 1. to ensure right execution of laws. 2. to protect impartiality of all institutions 3. to protect aspirations and expression of the public at large. Being the final authroity, it needs to be analysed and suggested as to what could be the wayout whereby the judges, especially the chief justice is not influenced, political system and institutions perform their functions impartially and honestly, and if they do not do that, Supreme court shall come forward to correct these and reprimand those who are vitiating the honest role and performance of the systems and institutions. I shall covering all this in 2-3 chapters and today I shall cover political system: 1. TURNCOAT ELECTED MEMBERS. as it is said that democracy is the mandate of the people and those representatives who are elected with this mandate have no moral and constitutional right to change from one party to the other, which is being seen prominently that such representatives after being elected, use this power of getting elected to MAXIMISE THEIR PERSONAL GAINS by shifting from one party to the other and this is fact is known to everyone but the mandating people are left helpless and feel victimised by false promises of those whom they have elected. To my mind ANSWAR SHALL LIE IN: 1.supreme court pronounces its verdict as the final one after all appeals if any, that a representative elected on a specific mandate shall never be allowed to change from the party he/she was elected. 2. supreme court shall debar such representative(s) from going into election till the rest of the period of the assembly and/or the lok sabha and rajya sabha etc.