Cycle of real life - Born in a poor family is a curse but is an opportunity as well

02 December 2017 12:31

Cycle of real life - Born in a poor family is a curse but is an opportunity as well

  To be born in a poor family is a curse but is an opportunity as well:

Few make it while many live and die in their miseries, destiny, few remain contented while many live crying and cursing. It is a curse as we see them every day living in miserable conditions while on the other hand see a few enjoying the wealth and luxuries of life, created or usurped, at the cost and maybe at the helplessness and patience of the poor people. Alas the poor do not revolt as I feel, the poor one is, the more on believes in destiny, fate, reward of their past actions and perhaps GOD wants them to live that way. For the rich it is good, as the revolt does not come about. Anyway that life, I won't go much about it. I have also said to be born poor is an opportunity as well. Why do I believe and say about it is the fact that in business, vocations etc. we say those who are groomed they are the best leaders, best administrators and so on. Why so, because they live in the realities, experience these realities, learn from these realities, get skilled from these realities, and thus turn out to be the creator of new systems, new ideologies, new dreams and bring about a revolution in their sphere, in the country and in the world. There are so many living examples, needless to talk about, as you all know about them. In the end, i will say that the rich enjoys the luxuries while the poor, though few ones, even the exceptions, bring about the real change and revolutions. Hence I think one should not curse where and how one is born, one must strive and struggle to groom oneself, create opportunities, trust, love and be a firm believer that one is meant for and is capable to do something for oneself and for humanity. All is possible in if one wishes for, struggles for, measures success at every stage, steps on to the other but most important is that one remains contented but ambitious, keeps contact with one's past and remains humane. Helps and admires the success of the helpless and poor ones.

Cycle of life: one comes crying and ends up crying. New born cries to fill up his/her belly while the departing parson weeps that he/she is losing and leaving everything he/she had struggled by all means to amass and also leaving the family which he/she created and had been looking for and after them, how they will manage by themselves. Besides i believe there is more repentance and there are more regrets for the injustices, vices, crimes, mall-practices, ill-treatment and/or victimization of the weaker and the poor etc. He/she had been committing and how he/she will be able to reply to god for all these sins. Then the question arises why we do all these when we know that one day we will exist no more and perhaps one day we will have to pay back for the injustices we commit during our life time.
The reasons I think are
(1) possessiveness
(2) comparison with others
(3) to get more and more powerful by money, status, prominence, to be applauded and remembered after death etc.
(4) to growing my own siblings the best by providing them all facilities and comforts which exist on earth and which we create for them by all means right or wrong
(5) to live ourselves with all facilities and comforts as much as material wealth we can create and/grab, so on and so forth.
Hence this GREED for more and more never ends and encourages one to commit more and more injustices, crimes, cruelties, brutalities, high-handedness etc, steal by so-called legal or illegal means. Hence to sum up: if we are believer that we are to answer to GOD for all we do, then we need to behave gently, treat everyone as human being irrespective of gender, creed, belief, religion etc. and do good actions as we can which are human and humane and also be careful not to inflict injury mental or physical to anyone and content ourselves with what we earn though our efforts and right means. This will allow us to live in PEACE now and will also relieve us to answer to GOD in frankness and fearless.

Solution to almost all problems: 2nd part
(5) Family needs compatibility, understanding, appreciation of each one's qualities and support, aligning to one soul formula, be ambitious to mission and progress, owning children and responsibilities related therewith, together
(6) Learn to balance office, home, family, relations and friends. Also ensure vacations and excursion minimum once a year.
(7) Believe and ensure past is past gone by except to gain some experience out of it, 
future needs planning and concerted effort to realize the dreams.
(8) As our behavior is to guide our actions, we must always remain conscious of our actions, remain watchful of our actions as also that what we do generates loves and happiness to all around and society at large.
(9) Achievement of each and every goal is determined by measuring every day wanting, to analyze corrections if any and remain steadfast and unfiltered about success, it is the secret of life to improve and progress