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brother and sister discussion BHAI AND BEHN KEE GUFTGOOH ...................................................................... -BEHIN POOCHHTEE HAI BHAI SAI -MUJHAI SAMAJH AATA HEE NAHIN -KYA HAI VOH VAJAH -MAN BAP RAKHTAI HAIN MUJH PAR NAZAR HAR VAKAT -AUR TU BHEE KARTA HAI MERA PEECHHA JAHAN MEIN JATEE HOON AUR JIS JIS SAI MILTEE HOON MEIN -BHAI KEHTA HAI BEHIN KO -TU HAI LARKEE -ISSLIYAI HUM SAB KA KARTAVYE HAI -TERA KHYAL RAKHNAI KAI LIYAI -KAHIN TU BUREE SANGAT MAIN NAN PAR JAYAI KAHIN AUR KABHEE -BEHN POOCHHTEE HAI BHAI SAI HEE -SACH SACH TU BATAA DAI MUJHAI -TUMHARA KISSI LARKEE SAI PYAR HAI YA NAHIN -AUR KYA TERAI SAMBANDH AUR KOYEE LARKIYON SAI HUAA HAI YA NAHIN -BHAI JAWAB MAIN BATATA HAI HEY BEHN -PYAR KARNAI AUR RISHTA BANANAI KAI LIYAI HEE -BAHUT SEE LARKIYON SAI MILNA HOTA HAI ZAROORI HEE -BEHN KEHTI HAI BHAI KO -AGAR MEIN BHEE TUMHARI TERAH BAHUT SAI LARKON KO MILTEE HOON -TO ISS MAIN KARTEE HOON MEIN KAOON SA JURAM HEE -BHAI BOLTA HAI BEHN KO -KEHTEE TU HAI SACH HEE -LEKIN MAN BAP TO YEH CHAHTAI HEE NAHIN -BEHN POOCHHTEE HAI BHAI SAI HEE -AGAR AISSA HEE HAI -TO MAAN BAP TUMAIN ROKTAI HEE KIYON NAHIN -BHAI KEHTA HAI BEHN KO -MEIN TO HOON LARKA -LEKIN TOO HAI LARKEE HEE -TUMARAH KHYAL RAKHNA -YEH HAI MERA KARTAVYE ZAROOREE -AUR MAAN BAP NAIN BHEE -KEH RAKHA HAI MUJHAI AISAI HEE -TUM BHOLAI HO AUR BHOLAI HEE RAHOGAI TUM ZINDGEE BHAR AISAI HEE -HAI BHAI, SAMAJH LAI TU YEH ACHHEE TERAH HEE -AB HO GAYAI HAIN HUM DONO JAVAAN AUR HAIN AB HUM DONO JAVANEE SAI BHARPOOR HEE -ISS LIYAI KISS SAI AUR KIYON -PYAR KARTAI HAIN HUM DONO -YEH FAISLA TO KARNA HAI -HUM NAIN SIRF HUM NAIN HEE -BAS AAJ SAI KARTAI HAIN HUM DONO VAIDA ZAROOR -APNEE APNEE PASAND KAI BARAI MAIN HEE -YEH JANNAI AUR SAMAJHNAI KAI LIYAI HEE -KOYEE GALTEE NAN KAR BAITAIN HUM DONO -MILAINGAI HUM EK DOOSARAI SAI HEE ZAROOR -APNAI PREMEE AUR PREMEEKA KAI SAATH BHEE -YEH HAI ZAROOREE HUM DONO KAI LIYAI HEE -ACHHEE TERAH SAMAJHNAI -AUR VICHAR KARNAI KAI LIYAI HEE -AUR YEH BHEE FAISSLA LAI LEETAI HUM DONO ZAROOR HEE -BATAYAINGAI NAHIN HUM DONO MAAN BAP KAI POOCHHNAI PAR HEE -KEH KARTAI HAIN HUM PYAR KISSI SAI HEE -AUR BATAYAIN HUM DONO -MAAN BAP KO TAB HEE -JAB HO JAYAINGAI HUMARAI VICHAR AUR PYAR PAKAI HEE -APNEE PREMIKA AUR APNAI PREMI KAI LIYAI HEE ----------------------------------- sister asks brother, I am unable to understand why parents keep all the time eye on me and you also follow me everywhere. Brother replies to sister, you must understand the fact that you are a girl and it is as such our duty to ensure that you may not get involved in some bad company. Sister asks the brother that you must tell me frankly and truly whether you too love some girl and for that you have met so many girls as well. The brother replies that to love someone, one has to meet many girls essentially. The sister in reply says to her brother, then you tell me clearly if I meet many boys like you, then what crime I am committing of any sort. The brother say, dear sister, what you are saying is true, but our parents do not like this. Sister says I wonder and ask you, then why do they not bother about you. The brother say you must understand it well that you are a girl while I am a boy. I need to protect you and so have the parents too. The sister tells her brother you are still naive (child) and will remain so I think throughout your life. You need to understand it clearly that we both have grown adult now and as such we need to love someone essentially, and for this we alone have to take decision, we need not to ask someone nor allow anyone to interfere in our decision. But essentially we will talk to and discuss with each other to avoid any mistake on our part in any manner and possibly we will also be meeting with our boyfriend and girlfriend together, to understand fully and reflect about each other's decision. Then let us decide today as well that we we shall not be telling our parents, despite the fact that they may ask us both, until and unless we have taken a firm decision and have fully cemented our relationship of love. -......................................................................... narrated by vasdevloond, founder of marriage guidance new concept cost free marriage bureau NGO, 9811943867   
-BEHN KEHTEE HAI BHAI KO -ACHHA AB TO HUM DONO NAIN  CHUN LIYAI HAIN APNAI APNAI  PREMI AUR PREMIKA HEE -BROTHER KEHTA HAI JALDEE MAIN  APNI BEHN KO HEE -AB YA KUCHH DIN BAAD HUM NAIN  BATANA TO PARAIGA MAAN BAP KO   HEE -NAN SIRF MAAN BAP HONGAI  NARAZ -BALKEH PEET BHEE SAKTAI HAIN  HUM DONO KO -SISTER SAYS HEY BHAI GHABRAO  TUM BILKUL NAHIN -HUM DONO KARAINGAI  -MAAN SAI BAAT CHEET -JAB HOGO VOH ACHHAI MOOD   MAIN HEE -AUR YEH BHEE HO SAKTA HAI -MAAN HAMSAI BAAT KARNA  CHAHAI HEENAHIN -TO HUM PHIR BAITH JAYAINGAI  MAAN KAI PASS HEE PASS MAIN -AUR KARAINGAI MAAN SAI  -MEETHEE MEETHEE BATAIN HAR  PARKAR KEE HUM -BATON BATON MAIN HUM YEH KEH  -DAINGAI ZAROOR -HEY MAAN HER MAAN APNAI -BACHON KEE SHADI KAIL LIYAI -POOCHTEE POOCHATEE HOGEE -ZAROOR -APNAI RISHTAIDARON SAI,  -DOSTON SAI AUR JANNAIVALON  SAI BHEE -AUR HO SAKTA HAI MAAN  -MANDIR BHEE JATEE HOON ZAROOR -POOCH TACHH KARTEE HOON  -ZAROOR HAMARAI LIYAI RISHTAI  DHOONDNAI KAI LIYAI HEE -MAAN KEHTEE BHACHO KO - KIYA TUM JANTAI HEE NAHIN -HOGAYAI TUM AB BARAI SHADI   KAIL LAYAK HEE -BROTHER-SISTER POOCHTAIN HAIN  MAAN SAI HEE -SUN HAI HUM NAIN  -HER MAAN BATATEE HAI ZAROOR  APNAI BACHON KO HEE -SHADI HOTEE HAI KAISAI -KIYA SIRF MAAN BAP HEE KAR   DETAI HAIN FAISLA -YA LARKAI LARKEE SAI BHEE   POOCHHTAI HAIN VOH KABHEE -MAAN KEHTEE HAI BACHON SAI -JO LARKAI LARKIYAN PARH JATEE  HAIN -MAAN BAP POOCHTAI HAIN UN  SAI ZAROOR -AUR AB TO BADAL GAYEE HAI   DUNIYAN BHEE -BACHON SAI POOCHNA TO -HO GAYA HAI ZAROOREE HEE -VOH VAKAT AUR THAA  -JAB HUM CHAHTAI THAI KISSI KO -MAGAR MAAN BAP KAR DETAI THAI  SHADI KISSI AUR SAI HEE -FIKIR SIRF HOTEE THEE UNHAIN  APNEE IZAT KEE HAR PARKAR SAI  HEE -HUM ROTAI REHAIN YA KUSH   REHAIN -ZINDGEE TO HUMAIN BEETANEE  HOTEE THEE  ZAROOR -BACHAI POOCHHTAIN HAIN MAAN  SAI HEE -AAGAR TU BURA NAN MANAI -KIYA HUM POOCHH SAKTAIN HAIN  TUM SAI BHEE -KIYA TU NAIN BHEE PYAR KIYA THA  KISSI SAI HEE -AUR PHIR SHADI HOGAYEE HAMARAI  BAP SAI HEE -MAAN KEHNAI LAGI, HAI TO YEH   SACH HEE -LEKIN JAB SHADI HO JATEE HAI  AURAT KO PICHLEE BATAIN BHULAA  DENEEN HOTI HAIN ZAROOR -BHAI-BEHN KEHTAI HAI MAAN KO -HEY MAAN VAKAT TO AB BADAL HEE  GAYA HAI -LARAI LARKIYAN AB TO PARHNAIN  LAGEEN HAIN SAB -TO MILTEE HAIN EK DOOSRAI SAI -HAR ROZ ISS MAIN TO KOYEE SHAK  HEE NAHIN -BAS PHIR VOH CHUN LETAIN HAIN  APNA APNA PYAR KHUD HEE  -MAAN POOCHHTEE HAI BACHON   SAI HEE -TO TUM DONO NAIN BHEE  -CHUN LIYAI HONGAI APNAI APNAI  PYAR BHEE -BROTHER-SISTER KEHTAI HAIN   MAAN KO HEE -JOOTH TO HUM TUM SAI   BOLAINGAI NAHIN -CHUN TO LIYAI HAIN HUM DONO  NAIN APNAI APNAI PYAR HEE -HEY MAAN JAB TU DEKHAI GEE  HUM DONO KAI PYAR KO HEE -DANG AUR HAIRAN REH JAYAIGEE  TU -UNKO DEKH KAR AUR MIL KAR BHEE -KARTAI HAIN HAMARAI PYAR DONO   KAI -CHAND SITARON KO MAAD BHEE -MAAN KEHTEE HAI BACHON SAI -TAB TO TUM MUJHAI MILAA DO  UNSAI JALDEE JALDEE HEE -BHAI-BEHN KEHTAI HAIN MAAN KO  HEE -JAB LAGAI GA PATAA PITAJEE KO   ISS BAAT KA HEE -NARAZ HOONGAI VOH AUR   BARDASH KAR PAYAINGAI VOH   KABHEE BHEE NAHIN -DEKHA DAINGAI HUM ZAROOR  TUMAIN -LEKIN PITAJEE NIPTA HOGO TUMAIN  HEE  -HUM DONO KO HAI YEH YAKEEN   BHEE -TU CHAHTEE HAI  -HUM DONO REHAI KHUSH   HAR VAKAT APNI APNI ZINDGEE  BITATAI HUAI -BAS MAAN AB TO TU THAK HEE  GAYEE HO ZAROOR -KARAINGAIN HUM SAB ISS KAI  BARAI MAIN PHIR KISSI AUR DIN  HEE. .................................................................. sister says to her brother-now we have selected our loving partners -brother say in hurry  -if now or when we will tell our parents -not only they will be angry, but our   father can beat us also - sister tell her brother  -do not worry at all -we both together will tell our mother  only when she will be in good mood -it is possible that our mother may not  like to hear us  -then we shall sit around her and will  talk about sweat tales of all sorts -then slowly slowly we will ask our  mother -it is not true that each mother wishes  to marry her children when they get  adult and are in marriageable age. -and as such they start  making inquiries from their relations, friends and acquaintances etc. etc. and even get to temples as well. Dear mother, we believe you also will be making inquiries about us also. Mother says, surely, now you have become adult and are in marriageable age as well. Then both brother and sister ask their mother that we have heard that each mother tells her children also as to how marriage is arranged or it is the parents alone who decide about the marriage of their children. Mother in reply says that the children who go for studies, meet each other every day and as such find out their love by themselves alone. Now the time has changed, and we parents have surely to ask you about it. Brother and sister ask mother, dear mother, if you do not mind, will you tell us did you also like someone before you got married to our father. Mother tells her children, it is true, we had to forget our past and live life in whatever manner it shaped up, to keep up the respect and honour of our parents.  Brother and sister then hurriedly tell their mother that they  too have selected their love and when you will see them you will be surprised to see our selection, our love is more beautiful and handsome even when compared to moon and starts. Mother says if it is so, then I would like to see them and meet them  quickly. Both brother and sister tells the mother, dear mother, do not do it so hurriedly as when our father will come to know he will be very much annoyed and will not tolerate it. Mother says, you forget that leave it to me I know how to handle the situation, if it ever happens.  Brother and sister tell mother that each and every mother wants that her children live their life happily and we assure you that you needn't worry for that. Dear mother, we believe, you would have got tired and as such we now stop this top for time being, and shall discuss over it sometime later. -------------------------------------------      part-3.
-MAAN AB BAHUT BECHAIN THEE -BACHON KAI PYARAI PREMI AUR  PREMIKA TO MILNAI KAI LIYAI HEE - KEHNEE LAGEE BACHON SAI HEE -JALDEE SAI MILAO MUJHAI APNAI  SITARON SAI ZAROOR -VARNA AGAR LAG GAYA  -AAPKAI PITA KO KAHIN SAI  PATAA -TO KAAM BIGAR JAYAGA   BUREE TERAH SAI HEE -BACHON NAIN JALDEE SAI  MILAYAI PHONE APNAI APNAI   HEE -APNAI CHAHNAIN VALON KO HEE -AUR TAYAI KAR DEE MILNEE -EK RESTAURANT (KHANAI KEE   DUKAN) MAIN BHEE -MAAN MILEE JAB  -APNAI BACHON KEE PASAND KO HEE -HAIRAN HOYEE AUR KUSH HOYEE  BAHUT -MIL KAR UNAIN -POOCHNAI LAGEE UNSAI HEE -KIYA KARTAI HO TUM  DONO -AUR KIYA KARTAI HAIN TUMHARAI  MAAN BAP BHEE -KIYA MILAA DIYA HAI IN DONO  KO TUMNAIN  APNAI APNAI MAAN   BAP SAI HEE  -DONO PREMI AUR PREMIKA NAIN  MAAN KO BATAA  DIYA SABH   KUCHH -MAAN HOYEE BAHUT KHUSH -AUR DEENAI LAGEE ASHEERVAD  SAB BACHON KO HEE -KEHTEE HAI MAAN -KUSH REHNA TUM SAB  HAR PARKAR SAI ZAROOR -EK DOOSRAI SAI RISHTAIN ACHHAI  RAKHNAI KAI LIYAI HEE -JHAGARNA KABHEE KARNA NAHIN -AUR KARNA   ACCOMMODATE(SAAMOJIT)  EK DOOSRAI KO ZAROOR  HAR EK KAI VICHARON SAI BHEE -ZINDGEE BARHTEE AUR CHALTEE  HAI BARHIYA -JO USKO BANANA AUR NIBHANA  CHAHTAI HAIN ZAROOR -PYAR KO PYAR SAI KAR KAI RAKHNA  ZAROOR  -YEH HAI MEREE NASEEHAT AUR  ASHEERVAD AAP SAB SAI HEE- -BAS AB CHAL DETAI HAIN YAHAN  SAI SAB HUM -KHUSHEE KHUSHEE APNAI APNAI   GHARON KO HEE- -GHAR PAOHNCH KAR  -MAAN KEHTEE HAI APNAI BACHON   SAI HEE -TUM KARNA NAHIN ISSKAI BARAI  MAIN GHAR MAIN ZIKAR KABHEE  HEE NAHIN -AB SIRF MEIN HEE BATAA DONGEE -AAPKAI PITAA KO HEE -AUR KARONGEE KOSHISH MEIN  HAR PARKAR SAI HEE -AAPKAI PITA KO BATANAI AUR -UNHAIN MANANAI KAI LIYAI HEE -BEFIKAR AUR BECHINT HO JAYO   TUM DONO -YEH KAAM HAI MERA,   SIRF MERA HEE HAI -KAISSAI AUR KISS TERAH SAI  MANANA HAI MUJHA AAPKAI PITAA   KO HEE -JAANTEE HOON MEIN YEH ACHHEE  TERAH HEE. ............................................................. Mother tells the children that they must take her to meet their choices as early as possible as she is very anxious to meet them and know about them also. When the mother saw the choices of her children, she was not only amazed to see their choices but got full of joy to approve them. She asked the choices as to what they are doing and inquired also a bit about their parents as well as to what they were doing. She further asked them whether each of you have met your parents and do they approve of your choices and relationships. When they replied in affirmative, the mother was very much pleased and gave all of them her blessings to live life happily in every manner and never get into dispute at all for anything despite at times even on  your variant views. Those who want to live life happily, they do live so and there is no doubt about it at all. I trust you all and leave you now with my best wishes and blessings. Hereafter everyone leaves to his/her respective house. However when the mother along with her children reaches her  house, she tells her children that they must not and never talk of this subject in the house and they must remain very conscious and careful about it. Mother tells her children, believe me, it is me and me alone who will tell your father and handle him to agree to the  choices we all have made together. Now you must reman patient and worry not at all. I shall manage it in my own way and I know how to make your father agree to our choices.,  ---------------------------------- narrated by vasdevloond founder of marriage guidance new concept NGO and obtainer of property rights for its name and logo, 9811943867,   BROTHER SISTER DISCUSSION .. part 4  dt 8-11-20 -MAAN AATI HAI BARI KHUSH MAIN HEE... BACHON KO BATANAI KAI LIYAI HEE .. KEHTI  TUMAHARAI PITA RAZI TO HO GAYAI HAIN LEKIN VOH  KARAINGAI TUM SAI BAAT ZAROOR.. BEHN-BHAI SOCHNAI LAGAI AUR KUCCH PRESHAN BHEE HUAI VOH.. ITNAI MAIN DEKHTAI HAIN KIYA, MAAN TYAR HO KAR JAA RAHEE HAI BAHAR... BACHON POOCHHA MAAN SAI, HEY MAAN TU JAA REAHEE HAI KAHAN.. MAAN NAI JAWAB KAHA BACHON SAI HEE .. MEIN JAA REAHEE HOON MANDIR MAIN POOJA KARNAI TUMHARAI LIYAI HEE.. BACHAI POOCHHTAI HAIN MAAN SAI HEE.. PHIR TU JAYAGEE ZAROOR PANDIT KAI PASS BHEE .. MAAN KEHTEE HAI YEH TO HAI ZAROORI, TUMHARI JANAMPATRIAN MILANAI KAI LIYAI AUR TUMHARAI BHAVISH KAI BARAI MAIN JANNAI KAI LIYAI HEE .. DONO BHAI BEHN KEHTAI HAIN MAAN KO HEE.. JANAMPATRIS HAMARAI BARAI MAIN NAN KABHEE POOCHHNA AUR NAN MILANA KABHEE ..AGAR JANAMPATRIYAN MILEE HEE NAHIN, TO HO JAYAGA HANGAMA GHAR MAIN TOOFAN KEE TERAH HEE .. DEAR MAAN, TU YAAD KAR YEH, TU NAIN HAMAIN BATAYA THA ZAROOR, TU KARTEE PYAR KISSI AUR SAI HEE, LEKIN TERAI MAAN BAP NAI KAR DEE SHADI TERI HAMARAI BAP SAI HEE.. HEY MAAN, BATA TU HAMAIN SACH SACH HEE , JAB TU KARTEE THEE PYAR KISSI AUR SAI, KIYA TU NAIN APNEE JANAMPATRI MILAYEE THEE KABHEE.. MAAN KEHNAI LAGEE, JANAMPATREE KAI BARAI MAIN MEIN NAIN SOCHA THA HEE NAHIN KABHEE.. BACHAI KEHNAI LAGAI MAAN SAI HEE, TO HUM BHEE PYAR KARTAI HAIN APNA APNA PREMI AUR PREMIKA SAI HEE,TO PHIR TUMHAIN HAMARI JANAMPATRIYON KAI BARAI MAIN POOCHNA HAI KIYON .. AUR ILAWAH ISSKAI TU NAIN TO UNHAI DEKHA HAI AUR PYAR BHEE KIYA HAI TU NAIN HEE.. HEY MAAN BHOOL JHAA TU AB PANDITJEE KO HEE, HAMARAI BARAI MAIN JANAMPATRIYAN MILANAI KAI LIYAI AUR HAMARA BHAVISH JANNAI KAI LIYAI HEE, HEY MAAN SOCH LAI TU, KAHIN JANAMPATRIYAN MILEE HEE NAHIN, TO TERAI POOCHNAI SAI VIGHAN PAR JAYAIGA HAMARAI PYAR MAIN HEE, AUR HO JAYAIGA HUM SAB JHAGRA ZAROOR ANDHEE KEE TERAH HEE. MAAN NAIN KAHA BACHON SAI, TUM KEHTAI HO SACH HEE, BAS AB MEIN NAHIN POOCHOONGEE NAN TUMHARI JANAMPATRIYON KAI LIYAI AUR NAN BHAVISH KAI BARAI MAIN BHEE. BAS PHIR KIYA HOOA, BACHAI HOOAI BAHUT KHUSH AUR GALAI LAGNAI LAGAI MAAN SAI PYAR MAIN HEE..ITNAI PHIR KIYA HUA, BACHON KAI PITA AA HEE GAYAI AUR KEHNAI LAGAI BACHON SAI, TUMHARI MAAN NAIN MUJHAI BATA DIYA HAS SAB KUCHH TUMHARAI PYAR KAI BARAI MAIN HEE, MEIN MAAN TO LIYA HAI LEKIN EK SHART KAI SATH HEE.. TUM DONO AB BACHAI HO, KAAM BHEE TO KARTAI NAHIN TUM DONO, VACAHN DO TUM DONO, NAN KARO GAI SHADI TUM, JAB TAK TUM KAAM PER LAG JAOGAI NAHI AND APNAI CAREER (VYAVSAY) MAIN PAKAI HO JAO GAI NAHIN.. BACHON NAI SHAYAD SOCH RAKHA THA ISSKAI BARAI MAIN PEHLAI HEE, KEHANAI LAGAI BAP KO DONO, HUM DONO VACHAN DATAIN HAIN PITAJEE AAP KO, HUM APNA VACHAN NIBHAINGAI ZAROOR, .. BAS PHIR KIYA HUA, KHUSHIAN HEE KHUSHIAN THEEN HAR TARAF AUR GALAI LAG RAHAI THAI EK DOOSRAI KO SAB HEE.. AFSOSS HAI YEH KEH MEIN YEH SEEN (SCENE) BIYAN KAR SAKTA HEE NAHIN, LEKIN SOCH SAKTA HOON MEIN ISSAI TUMHAIN BATANAI KAI LIYAI HEE........................................................ mother came very happy to tell the children that their father has agrreed but he will be talking to you also. Both sister and brother became very anxious and worried as to what their father will be asking them. In the meantime they saw their mother getting ready to go outside. They asked their mother where she was going, The mother replied that she was going to the temple to pray for them. The children then asked their mother, then we believe you will be going to priest(panditji) to ask about our janampatris. Mother say surely and also about future as well. The children tell their mother, dear mother, do you remember that you told us that before your marriage to our father, you too loved someone else. Mother said yes it is true. Then the children asked their mother, when you loved someone else, did you match your janamptri. The mother replied, I did not think of janampatri at all. Then the children told their mother,when in your love you did not think of janampatri, then why you are asking about our janampatris and our future too. Dear mother, in case the janampatri do not match, then there will be a big fight amongst us all like a storm. Hence it is better that please you do not ask about our janampatris at all. The mother says that my children you are right and I agree with your views not to ask about your janampatris. Hereafter joy and happiness was all around and the children embraced their mother dearly in love. What hapened all of a sudden, that their father stepped in to tell the children that he has been told about their love by their mother which he has accepted but on condition that you  you will not marry until and unless you get settled in your jobs and career as you are still not grown up enough nor have got into some jobs. The children perhaps anticipated this question and they quickly replied to their father that they do promise and commit that they not marry at all until and unless they get the jobs and get settled in their career too. What a marvelour scene it was in joy and celebrations, it is difficult for me to narrate except that I can imagine to narrate to you all................................................................................................narrated by vasdevloond, founder of marriage guidance new concept, cost free marriage bureau NOG and certified for copy rights of MGNC and its logo. 9811943867   Part 5  part 5. -BAS AB YEH BEHN BHAI PREMI-     PREMIKA BHEE -MILAI EK DOOSRAI KO BATANAI KAI  LIYAI HEE -HAMARAI PITA AUR MAAN NAIN   MAAN LIYA HAI HAMARAI PYAR KAI    BARAI MAIN HEE -AUR YEH BHEE KAHAI DIYA   HAI MAAN NAIN  BHEE -VOH PARAIGEE KABHEE NAHIN   JANAMPATRI KAI JHANJHAT MAIN  KABHI HEE -LEKIN PITAJI NAIN KAHA HAMAIN   KEH TUM AB BACHAI HO, -SHADI SAI PEHLAI HAI YEH ZAROORI -DHOONDO TUM DONO NAUKRIYAN  AND BANAO APNAI   CAREER(VYAVASAAY) KO ACHHA   BHEE -DIYA HAI HUM DONO NAIN APNAI  PITA KO VACHAN BHEE UNKEE ICHHA  POOREE KARNAI KAI LIYAI HEE -HAI ISSLAI ZAROORI HUM SAB KAI  LIYAI HEE -ISSLAI  HOGAYA HAI ZAROORI  HUM SAB KAI LIYA HEE -KEH HUM KAAM DHOONDAIN AUR  APNA APNA CAREER BANAYAIN SAB  MIL KAR HEE -KUCHH DER VICHAR KARNAI KAI   BAAD HEE -PAUNCHAI YEH SAB ISS NATIJAI PAR  HEE -KARAINGAI HUM SAB PART-TIME   JOBS YAH PAERNSHIP BHEE -PACCI NAUKRIYAN HUM   DHOONDAIN GAI HEE NAHIN -KARAINGAI HUM MIL KAR SAB IAS  KEE TYAREE HEE -SUNA HAI HUM NAIN YEH BHEE -KEH IAS KEE INTERVIEW MAIN   POOCHAI JATAIN HAIN SAWAL   KAYEE KISSAM KISSAM KAI   JAB HUM PASS HO JATAIN HAIN  LIKHAI HUAI IMTEHAN MAIN HEE -ISS LIYA JANNA HOGA ZAROORI  HUM SAB KAI LIYAI -UN INSTITUTES (SHIKA VIDAYALAY)  KEE KHOJ KARNAI KAI LAYAI HEE -JIN MAIN SAI KITNAI KITNAI   LARKAI-LARKYAN SAPHAL (PASS)  HUAI HAIN IN SHIKHA VIDYALON SAI  HEE -HUM PARHAINGAI DO DO KARKAI   DO SHIKHYA VIDYALON MAIN   ALHEDA ALHEDA HEE -AUR DHOONDAIN GAI IAS KEE   KITABAIN BHEE  -AUR SAVAL-JAWAB KAI PAPER BHEE  PICHHLAI DO TEEN SALON KAI HEE -LEKIN HOGA ZAROORI HUM SAB KAI  LIYAI HEE -KEH HUM BANAIN DO GROUP,   APNAIN APNAIN PREMI AUR   PREMIKA SAATH HEE -AUR JAB HUM KARAIN GAI PARAHI  KHATAM APNAI APNAI SHIKYA   VIDYALON SAI  HEE -MILAINGAI HUM SAB HAR ROZ  ZAROOR  -JANAIN KAIL LIYAI HEE   JO PARAHIA GAYA HAI HUM SAB KO -APNAI APNAI SHIKHA VIDALAY MAIN  HAR ROZ HEE -SUNNAIN AUR VICHAR(DISCUSS)   KARNAI KAI LIYAI HEE -AUR APNAI APNAI   KNOWLEDGE(GYAN) KO BARHANAI  KAI LIYAI BHEE -BAS AB HUM SAB JUT JATAIN HAIN   PART-TIME YA INTERSHIP KEE   NAUKRIYAN DHOONAI KAI LIYAI -AUR PARHNA HAI KAUN KAUN SAI   DO ACCHAI SHIKHA VIDYALON MAIN  HEE -BAS PHIR KIYA HUA  -HAR EK NAIN DHOOND LIYA APNA  APNA PART TIME AUR INTERNSHIP  KAAM HAR EK NAIN HEE  -AUR DHOOND LIYAI DO SHIKHA   VIDYALAI BHEE -PARAHEE KARNAI LAGAI YEH SAB -AUR MILTAI THAI HAR ROZ HAR  SHAM KO HEE  -PARHA HUA SAB KUCHH BATANAI  AUR VICHAR KARNAI KAI LIYAI HEE -BAS PHIR KIYA HUA -DIYA SAB NAIN IAS KA IMTEHAN  MILKAR HEE -SAB KAI SAB PASS HOGAYAI IAS   IMTEHAN MAIN HEE -KYA THEEN KHUSHYAN AUR KYA  THEE MUSKRAHAT HAR EK KAI  CHEHRON PAR BHEE -HAR EK KAI PARIVAR (FAMILY)    BHEE -MILNAI LAGAI EK DOOSRAI KO  GALAI LAGATAI HUAI AUR BACHON  KAI BARAI MAIN TAREEF KAI PUL  BHANDTAI HUAI HEE -TAYAI KAR DEE TARIKHAIN TAYAI   APNAI APNAI BHACHON KEE  ENGAGEMENT (SAGAYEE SMAROH)   HEE  -AA GAYAI JALDEE MAIN DOOST,   RISHTAIDAR AUR JANNAINVALAI  BHEE YEH DIVAS MANANAI KAI   LIYAI HEE -KIYA THEEN KATARAIN BAND BAJON  KEE -NACHTAI HUAI, GAATAI HUAI AUR   MEETHEE MEETHEE SUR NIKALTAI  HUAI APNAI APNAI BAND BAJON  SAI HEE.                     CONCLUSION 1. jab bachon ka pyar pacca ho jayai    to maan bap ko nan koyee salah    deni hai aur nan kuchh kehna hai    hee balkai  keh kehna chahiyai    zaroori yeh zindgee hai tumhari, jo tu    nai faisla liya hai  voh hai hamarai liya    khushi ka avsar hee -har problem kai barai main kehna aur    batana hai zaroori har bachai kai liyai   hee, yeh maan hee hai jo sab kuchh   sun be sakti hai, samjha bhee sakti   hai aur hai komal dil har par kar sai   hee voh -bap ko bhee samajh leena hai ab yeh  zaroor, vakat badal gaya hai, ab ho   gaya hai zaroore bachon kai saath  baitana, unkee mushklon aur ichhaon  kai barai main sunna, samjhana aur   deni salah hai  zaroori har parkar sai   hee -bachon ko encourage aur boost karna  hai maan bap kai liyai zaroori hee -jab milta hai bachai ko pyar, salah  aur vakt bhee detai hain maan bap  bachai bantai hain hovanhar zaroor  apnai liyai aur maan bap kai fakhar  kai liyai -bas yeh hai zindgee aur issi ko kehtai  hain zindgee. --------------------------------------- part 5 of sister and brother discussion
-now brother and sister meet their lover and beloved ones and tell them that their father has agree to their love relationship but has also taken promise that as we are still children, haven't yet got the jobs nor have stabilised in our career, we will have to wait until then to get married and we have promised and committed to fulfil his wish. Also our mother has agreed that she will not and will never bother to ask about our janampatris etc. Hence it is necessary to find some part time or internship jobs and at the same time do prepare to pass IAS exam. Thus it is essential for us to find  some books and question answers of IAS exams for the last 2-3 years and also to find the institutes wherefrom how many students have passed IAS exams and once we had done this research, then we should  join in 2 separate institutes in 2 groups with our lover and beloved, each one. We must also commit to meet each other  every evening to talk about what  we have been taught and discuss with each. It is essential as in IAS exams, besides that we pass written exam, lot of general questions are asked. Thus they start their jobs and get into study and prepare for IAS exam and meet every evening to discuss as planned and agreed to. What happened then, all entered the IAS exam, and wonderfully all pass through in good positions. What wonderful was that news and how joyfully and happily danced and celebrated the evening to congratulate each other and embrace each other emotionally and in love.  When each one's parents came to know about the success of their children, they hurriedly arranged to meet each other to discuss about the respective engagement dates of their children and accordingly called their relations, friends, and acquaintances to pass on the news and celebrate this exceptional event all together. There were groups of bands dancing , chanting love songs and bringing out sweat and melodious tones from each of their apparatus.  WHAT A WONDERFUL OCCASION OF HAPPINESS AND CELEBRATION, ONE DOES WONDER AND RECOUNT THE SUCCESS OF THE CHILDREN.                   LESSON 1. one the children get into love and have decided firmly so, then parents should not pass any remarks right or wrong and instead must appreciate their decision and bless them to live their life as they want. 2. it is mother who needs to be told by children of their problems and wishes as she is patient to listen to them, and is full of love and is noble in all respects and it is she who can advise them and relieve them of their problems with solutions etc. 3. as the time has changed, father needs to change his role, he must essentially sit with their children to know their day today problems and aspirations and do all to motivate and encourage them with his advice as best as he can. 4. once the children get boosted and motivated, there is no surprise that they do wonder in their career for them as also bring pride for their parents. ------------------------------------- narrated by vasdevloond, founder of marriage guidance new concept, cost free marriage bureau NGO, certified for its name and logo  by Copyright Depart, for contact: 9811943867 vasdevloond,