A relationship in which two individuals have promised themselves to each other in the way of a coupl

30 November 2017 10:55

A relationship in which two individuals have promised themselves to each other in the way of a coupl

As life goes on, one develops maturity. Likewise marriage guidance new concept has become almost mature enough to provide the desiring aspirants matches of their choice and is also trying to get over the janampatri problem which is essential part of relationship with many aspirants and their families and whereyby the relationship is not tied despite that fact that boy and girl approve each other and so do the families.Therefore in order to avoid waste of time in search and follow up of sending matches etc. to those who insist on janamparti matching, the necessary programme to check the janampatris has been installed with the MGNC to enable them to check and send only those matches which apparently,as per this device, match with each other. Hence the struggle of mgnc to provide the aspirants their best choices as quickly as possible is continuing and it is a continuous process.
MARRIAGE: I feel there is no substitute to marriage. It has its weakness and pitfalls which need to be analysed, elaborated, explained by highlighting the advantages of marriage over other forms of living

  1. Live-in arrangement
  2. Companionship
  3. Same gender marriage
  4. Not to marry at all. Nothing is perfect, each and every form has its own advantages and disadvantages.
However the fact remains that other forms are loose relationships devoid of one to one loyalty, feel the pinch of each other, share-care and feel to be one in two bodies to talk, communicate, discuss, shed off anger and enjoy pleasantries, think and decide alike to have a family of their own, do all sacrifices for the progress in career, status, prestige, be comfortable, live and enjoy in all thicks and thins despite responsibilities and struggles therefore. Mine exists only in the marriage system and not in other forms of relationships at all.Let it not be forgotten society and social systems accept and advocate marriage of two opposite genders which enables the couple to live undisturbed and to socialise as one without any outside interference in gatherings, functions, place of work, travel etc.That in the perception of marriage guidance new concept I have categorised marriage as a pious institution. Pl believe in it and work hard to maintain and strengthen it as this is the sole institution which provides love and interdependence whole of one's life.

Solutions to almost all problems -
  1.  If you wish your wife to love your parent, you must learn to love her parents first,show great gesture.
  2.  Present o where lie all planning,action and execution, of all activities on earth, we are the creator of our luxuries and destroyer of our peace.God has given us resultant from our actions.
  3. Love is reciprocal, one sided could be coercion and destruction of the sufferer in repentance.
  4. we being social being, family is the foundation for happiness, mission and progress besides enabling society to life in peace and harmony.Wait for next.
Adult what does it mean: In my view when one can
  1. take decisions on his/her own
  2. Owns responsibilitities
  3. Does his/her own earning
  4. Is capable to distinguish between good and bad
  5. Discusses, understands and decides on what he/she feels is right
  6. Learns to face and/or shape life to his/her efforts and liking
  7. Learns parenthood and decides on his/her course of action
  8. believes and stands committed to that he/she has learnt what initially was required, and that now he/she is to sail alone and if married, to sail together.
  9. Learns how and in what manner to carve out his/her course of action
  10. Learns how to cope up with society, relations, colleagues,neighbours, beliefs, viewpoints, criticisms etc.

There could be many more, but the above illustrated are the essential ones to categorise oneself as an ADULT.