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29 March 2018 08:26



Marriage Guidance New Concept - Marriage is a union and not a unity. Unity means to combine together to fulfil a purpose while keeping their identities intact while union means one and one alone keeping no individual identity. Hence marriage is a union of two individuals who commit to be one physically, socially, in thoughts, in commitments, in progress, in life and in soul which means complete understanding, pinch to one is automatically felt by the other, both think alike, a bridge the differences if any, live together, admire and appreciate each other despite initial differences thus those who believe in this principle of union, commit while binding the knot, live the happiest and progressive married life despite coming together from difference families and different upbringings. Also it is a fact that those who commit and act become successful in life, so also is the case in marriage and married life as well - Vasdev Loond

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