11 April 2020 05:51

MARRIAGE IS A DECISION TO LIVE TOGETHER AND TIE TO COMMIT LOYALTY AND ADJUSTMENT WITH EACH OTHER. In the marriage ceremony, this tie EARLIER signified and allowed the groom to walk ahead to be followed by the bride but now AT PRESENT this tie has changed to half way, to start with, by the groom and half way by the bride followed by the groom. It means that groom is to lead but in EQUALITY. Tie though is tied very tight by the priest but in practice, it gets loosened and at times it gets untied or breaks. This happens with those who do not get adjusted with the present relationship, do not feel satisfied and look back to the past which they neglected or missed and look up for the opportunity when and where to meet the previous contact etc. etc. Besides this also depends on the thinking that it is better to separate than continue living in conflicts and regrets all the time. However those who feel decided and convinced that now they have got married with clear aim to live together, form a family, give space to each other in understanding and sharing, do ensure to NOT ONLY MAINTAIN THE TIE BUT DO ALL TO KEEP IT FASTENED AS TIGHT AS THEY CAN MANAGE. The last stage of TIE comes by passage of time, understanding and adjusting with each other for the cause that NOTHING IS BETTER THAN TO LIVE A MARRIED LIFE. This tight tie with no chance to break needs the married couple to believe not only in GIVE AND TAKE BUT TO BE READY ALWAYS NOT TO CAUSE OR INDULGE IN ANY ACT WHICH AFFECTS OR MARS THE HAPPINESS AND AS SUCH REMAIN DECIDED FOR SACRIFICE WITHOUT ANY EGO AND/OR REGRETS AND INSTEAD TERM IT AS A SUCCESS OF LIVING TOGETHER, ENJOY LIFE AND PROGRESS This I will term MARRIAGE IN A REAL SENSE. LESSON: one never fights alone, it needs two, if one of them decides not to respond there will never be fight, similarly if 2 utensils are kept side by side, there will not be any noise nor will these create any, but when we strike one against the other, these will make noise, the more we will strike them, the louder these will create noise. MARRIAGE AS SUCH IS TO LIVE TOGETHER, CLOSE TO EACH, CAUSE DISTURBANCE NEVER AND LIVE LIKE 2 UTENSILS PUT TOGETHER.