09 February 2021 01:12

LOVE. it is difficult to define but i think it is an attachment which comes about by birth, by care and company as one finds between the parents and the children, also is emotional, sentimental and instinctive. vibrations, momentary glance, finding someone to fulfill one's hidden inner feelings, appreciation of same thoughts and views, kind and selfless gestures by some, sympathy for ill-fated etc etc create love. however the extent of love depends on how closeness one feels and never ever bears ill-will. in priority GOD takes preference, parents come 2nd BEFORE MARRIAGE, after marriage WIFE becomes exclusive love and children afterwards, parents, brothers and sisters take 2nd position and in series thereafter come some relations, friends etc etc. .. there do exist momentary love, temporary love and permanent love. BELIEF AND BLOOD RELATIONSHIP are other forms of love as both are blind in behaviour and never give chance to doubt and/questioning. tks