06 March 2021 10:18

LOVE AND HATRED ARE TWO BITTER ENEMIES, BOTH TRY NOT ONLY TO OVERPOWER EACH OTHER BUT TO DESTROY ONE OR THE OTHER, SO AS TO REMAIN DOMINANT TO BE RECKONED WITH. Alas man has forgotten that he is a social being, he/she cannot afford to live alone, knows well that LOVE helps to make progress and allows each one to live in peace and be helpful always. SURPRISINGLY how it is that everyone knows the value of love, but GETS INDULGED IN HATRED AND PRACTICES IT TO THE TILT, irrespective of whether one is benefited or not. WHY SO, I feel it is because of greed, possessiveness and also the feeling if the other one, presumed to be the enemy, is killed and destroyed, the one inflicting such a blow will enjoy the benefit as a sole and/or dominant player to control the rest in fear and to bear consequences if revolted ever. We find HATRED IS PRE-DOMINANT in families, individuals, groups of all sorts with no exception to religious ones, competition, and even as nations. WE ARE EXPERIENCING HATRED FLOURISHING AND LOVE IS GETTING DESTROYED AND LOSING ITS VALUE.... It is said and is experienced that DESTRUCTION by nature and/or by man/nations ELIMINATE HATRED AND BRING IN LOVE IN FULL STEAM. SHOULD THEN WE WAIT FOR DESTRUCTION, THE POSSIBILITY IS GREAT TO LET IT HAPPEN, I wonder what benefit ultimately will the destroyer reap, perhaps nothing except leaving the so-called enemies killed, injured, crying for help and what not. I PRAY AND BEG THE HATRED CREATOR(S) THAT ONE DAY HE/SHE/THEY WILL DIE AND LEAVE EVERYTHING INCLUDING PROMINENCE, GLORY, ASSETS ETC. HERE ON THIS EARTH, then why not to believe in love, live and let others live in peace as it is said UNITED WE WIN, FIGHTING WE FALL. ...PRAY I TO ALL to believe and practice LOVE as love is life and it is real progress. tks