20 February 2021 03:00

AMILY FEUDS. ANOTHER PROBLEM WHICH EMERGES AND TAKES SIGNIFICANCE IS,AS TO HOW HAND OVER ONE'S ORGANISATION TO HIS/HER SON/S AND WHOM TO GIVE CONTROLLING POWER. ....... answer. 1. give to one who is capable to own and handle 2. also the one who is willing 3. decide the transitional period to train and/or let the concerned one to acquire capabilities and confidence 4. father/parents in the transitional period need to decide what they will engage in after retirement 5. trust the son, avoid feedback from loyals etc, 6. give views and advice if asked for 7. decide in no control at all, and if solicited, hold the least only advisory position and decide not to criticise even if some decisions do not go father's/mother's way 8. if the son feels uncomfortable, better to stop in goodwill and faith. 9. must believe his/her son is adult and is capable enough to handle the affairs as he likes, believe in no interference and ill-will even if he commits some mistakes and incurs losses 10. HENCE RETIREMENT MUST BE TOTAL AND ADVICE IS GIVEN IF SOLICITED. ..... FURTHER IF THERE ARE MORE SONS, AND ALL WANT TO HOLD THE SAME ORGANISATION. answer. if there is complete understanding between brothers, all should work in the same business and to divide responsibilities as they decide 2. if it does not happen, then to devise on supplementary activities for others 3. if this does not work out, to discuss and give the desired and necessary funds to the rest to do what they want to do with. MOST MPORTANT. parents must not impose their business if no one agrees to take over AND MUST LEAVE EACH ONE TO MAKE ONES OWN CHOICE AND ALLOW EACH ONE TO MOVE ON FREELY AND INDEPENDENTLY. tks